Prime Minister Robert Abela addresses the honorary consuls in Malta during the exchange of new year greetings

“We are working hard to continue enhancing the reputation of our country and economy overseas”. Prime Minister Robert Abela stated this during his address to the honorary consuls during the exchange of new year greetings held at Auberge de Castille.

During his address, the prime minister hailed the work done by the honorary consuls as highly important and of key significance to citizens away from their home country. The prime minister also discussed Malta’s economic recovery, which was enabled further via Malta’s strong links overseas, together with Malta’s strong and stable regulatory environment.

Dr Abela said that government worked tirelessly to ensure the economy grows and businesses expand further thus creating prosperity and improve the quality of life to our citizens. In this vein, trade promotion and commercial diplomacy remained central to the work carried out, including that by the honorary consuls who play a crucial role in exploring new trade links through their wide-ranging network of contacts. The Prime Minister added that last year Malta confirmed its participation in the Expo 2025 to be held in Osaka, Japan.

The prime minister highlighted Malta’s role as an elected member on the United Nations Security Council. “Malta is in a strong position to convey a clear message in favour of international peace”, he stated in his address to the honorary consuls. Next month, Malta will be presiding the UN Security Council and will be organising numerous high-level meetings on climate change and about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The prime minister referred to the projects organised by the Maltese Government together with the diplomatic and consular representations overseas aimed at promoting Malta’s identity in various fora overseas, with cultural diplomacy being central to this effort. Furthermore, the government continued to work hard to facilitate the implementation of visa representation agreements with other member states in the Schengen Area.

The prime minister concluded his address by thanking the honorary consuls for their sterling service and augured that their hard work will continue to contribute greatly to Malta’s prosperity.

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