Robert Abela was born in Sliema on 7 December 1977. He received his primary education at St Francis School and attended St Aloysius’ College for his secondary education and sixth form. He graduated as a lawyer from the University of Malta in 2002.

Dr. Abela worked in the family law firm and has acted as the legal consultant of various organisations including public entities and trade unions.

He was elected as Member of Parliament in June 2017 and was appointed as legal adviser to the Cabinet of Ministers.

On 13 January 2020, he took office as the 14th Prime Minister of Malta after being elected as Party Leader by the members of Partit Laburista.

Whilst steering the country through a global pandemic, Dr. Abela presented his vision for Malta’s future built on five pillars: quality of life, infrastructure, education, environment, and good governance.

Despite the challenges and difficulties presented by the pandemic, the government led by Robert Abela continued to reap successful economic results which led to the country’s lowest unemployment rate in history, whilst in parallel, implementing unprecedented reforms in good governance and rule of law. Dr. Abela even relinquished the Prime Minister’s powers such as when appointing officials to key posts such as the Chief Justice, the Attorney General and Police Commissioner, to further strengthen democracy and the institutions that deliver it: a first for a Maltese Prime Minister.

Dr Abela took office once again on 28 March 2022 after confirming victory in the General Elections of 26 March 2022 which saw Partit Laburista winning with the greatest majority in Maltese history.

Dr Abela is married to Lydia, nee’ Zerafa, also a lawyer, and they have a daughter Giorgia Mae.

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