The Government wants all children to be able to succeed in life. That is why investment in education is carried out as it enables future generations to be more knowledgeable, skilled, and academically prepared. Education is also crucial for social mobility.

We will continue investing in schools and new academic programmes that enable every student to reach their full potential. We will implement the Child Guarantee programme, following the Youth Guarantee Programme, to ensure no one is left behind. We want all children that live in Malta to benefit from top quality services in all areas, including health and security.

Malta’s health services are one of the most robust, as all citizens in Malta and Gozo have access to free healthcare services. The list of free services and medicines being offered is also being extended. In the worst times of the pandemic, Malta, despite its smaller size, served as an example to other countries. This is indeed indicative of the Government’s commitment and the substantial investment that was carried out.

The same applies for the country’s security following unprecedented investment in the disciplined forces which saw an improvement in working conditions, the introduction of new services and the upgrading of equipment and tools in an effort to provide a better service to citizens and make them feel more secure.