Malta is carrying out substantial investment to strengthen its infrastructure as this complements the strong economic growth registered in recent years. This investment brings together numerous areas that collectively ensure the country is moving forward, and that businesses and families are receiving the best service possible. Presently, an extensive amount of work is being carried out in roads all over Malta, whilst the largest infrastructural projects in our country’s history have been completed or are currently underway. Malta’s maritime infrastructure is also being strengthened further as this remains a crucial sector for a country such as Malta.

Studies are currently underway to identify new private transport solutions, and public transport will now be free for one and all.

In parallel, investment in the digital infrastructure of our country is also being carried out. This is crucial for the public sector as having the right tools in place, ensures an even better service is given to our citizens whilst reducing bureaucracy. Infrastructure in Gozo is also being strengthened in various aspects including connectivity, digitalisation, and the production of water amongst others. Gozo is an island full of opportunities and we must ensure it reaches its full potential.