Economic success is not the end goal, but rather it is the foundation on which a more just society is built. The increase in the number of jobs and work opportunities in recent years has led to a decrease in the number of people reliant on social benefits, whilst investment in important benefits applicable for pensioners and persons with disability increased. In a society where social justice prevails, equality will also be prevalent.

Malta is proud that it is stands first in Europe in terms of LGBTIQ+ rights. Significant changes and reforms are constantly being carried out to enhance equality even further, which includes giving each and every person the possibility to become a parent. The Government wants to deliver a Malta that does not tolerate gender discrimination, and one of the Government’s key priorities is to address the difficulties faced by those who have been ill-treated on the basis of their gender. We are committed to continue building a society where no one feels like they have been set aside, or discriminated against. A society in which everyone feels free to voice their opinions, and have the right tools and opportunities available to reach their aspirations and full potential.