Month: December 2023



We will start a new year, despite all the challenges that surround us, with keen optimism.

Our country will keep moving forward.

Together, we will continue working to deliver the aspirations of our people, for an even better quality of life.

Regardless of the particular international scenario we currently face, we have, and we will continue providing stability, security and peace of mind.

When we look beyond our shores, we see that other economies have stagnated because of high inflation and austerity measures.

And over and above these economic troubles, we have also seen an increase in other unfortunate circumstances overseas, impacting the lives of many and displacing so many families. 

This is not what we were hoping for during the pandemic.

Despite all this, however, not only did we not lose hope, but we got back on our feet and rose to the occasion together.

We showcased our strength and values as Gozitan and Maltese nationals.

We chose a path of investment and progress, and not one of gloom or austerity.

We even came to an agreement with all our social partners to deliver the highest increase in the minimum wage our country has ever seen.

And our last Budget confirmed that this government will still support its people.

We cannot be indifferent to the challenges that families are facing.

All the necessary steps must be taken to ensure no one falls behind.

And we did not choose the indifferent route on the international front.

Yes, our country is a neutral state and proud of our status, however this does not mean that we must be indifferent to any suffering.

Our active neutrality must be used as an effective tool in favour of peace and against aggression.

We have emerged as advocates for dialogue and what is in fact right, in all international fora which we engaged in.

I did this as Prime Minister of an EU member state, and as a father, embracing the values which I have nurtured in my own family.

In your name, I spoke about peace wherever I was because we are a country against war and aggression, irrespective of who the perpetrator is.

Our country’s consistent position was appreciated.

And this has led for more trust being bestowed upon us internationally.

We were entrusted with key roles, and from the beginning of next year, more is yet to come.

Delegations from world powers came to Malta for dialogue, as they believe and feel, that we are a country of peace.

I welcomed leaders of Euro-Mediterranean countries here, to take a joint position on shared priorities, in the interest of the region and our citizens.

All this is the result of our country’s strong reputation overseas.

And this reputation was nurtured through our courage to take consistent decisions influenced by our beliefs and values, both in terms of international politics and also in the economic side of things.

And because we believe in people, we believe in peace.

And because we believe in people, we do not believe austerity works.

This is why we supported our families and business and protected them from the wars, and buffered the impact from international energy prices.

Malta is the only country that did not implement harsh policies.

And yet, we have been told that we are being too generous.

To this, we will continue to answer that success will only be achieved through investment, and not austerity.

The government should not be the one to create inflation, and to support this, I can confirm that in the coming days, we will implement more measures that we have already announced, and we will continue working with all our stakeholders to ensure we are successful in our fight against the increased cost of living.

We can do this because our economy kept going at a strong pace.

Not I am saying this: European experts who placed us as the best in Europe in terms of job creation and wealth creation did.

Thus, we can look forward with faith towards the new year.

Not to rest on our laurels, but rather, to invest even more in our country and achieve more success.

The successes we achieved in 2023, including our hosting the Games of the Small States of Europe and the EuroPride, were moments of national pride.

We will look back on these events as a source of inspiration to continue achieving more.

Those situations in which we worked differently, and ensured we understood what the peoples’ priorities really are, will serve as a lesson, so that during the next year, we will work even harder in key areas to ensure our country keeps moving forward.

With education, health and security at the very forefront.

We invested significantly in these areas and will continue to do so in a sustainable way, particularly in our workers.

Throughout the years, as a result of the hard work of many, our country changed for the better.

Economically, it became more dynamic, offering the very best opportunities.

We must ensure that these opportunities are first embraced by our Gozitan and Maltese children.

However, our country is also experiencing new realities such as an ageing population, and this is why we welcome workers from other countries.

I believe we should not take the populist approach and speak about these foreign workers in a disrespectful manner as though they came to our country to cause us harm. 

Or as though they are people of lesser dignity or value.

But at the same time, we will continue implementing numerous changes to enhance the regulatory capacity of local authorities, in order to protect the dignity of one and all. 

To take heed of the areas in which we already have enough workers and improve the quality in areas where we require additional workforce.

These decisions will be taken as we factor in the needs of our people.

We must look after what makes us intrinsically Gozitans and Maltese: bolster what makes our communities beautiful, and in parallel, implement the necessary change to enhance our environment and improve the quality of life of our people.

We have sown the seed of important reforms, such as the unprecedented licence for those working in the construction industry.

New and needed laws that were never introduced before.

We also took decisive action to protect our environment, such as Ħondoq ir-Rummien.

In 2024, this drive and commitment will continue to increase.

The reforms will intensify, and the change will continue.

Lands that could have been built, will instead be transformed into open spaces.

In 2024, we will also have to take important decisions, for our communities, and how we want to be represented in European institutions.

I am confident that these decisions will be taken respectfully towards one another and will be influenced by our love for our communities and our country. 

I encourage the Gozitan and Maltese people to not only come forward in these democratic processes, but I also welcome you to come forward every day, with your thoughts and any ideas you may have for the greater good of our country.

This is the reason why we created the Youth Advisory Forum, which will serve as a direct link between the youths of our country, and the Cabinet of Ministers. 

This is our country, and it will move forward in the direction you want it to.

I am certain that like me, you want your country to keep moving forward, for you, your families, and your loved ones.

Together with my wife Lydia, my daughter Giorgia Mae, I wish you and your family a happy new year full of prosperity, good health and peace.


F’summit tal-Kunsill Ewropew fi Brussell, il-Prim Ministru Robert Abela reġa’ tenna l-pożizzjoni ta’ Malta li l-paċi dejjiema fil-Lvant Nofsani tista’ tintlaħaq biss permezz ta’ waqfien mill-ġlied immedjat ikkumplimentat bis-soluzzjoni taż-Żewġ Stati. Din il-pożizzjoni kienet riflessa wkoll f’ittra li ntbagħtet mill-Prim Ministru Robert Abela flimkien ma’ tliet prim ministri oħra ta’ Spanja, tal-Irlanda u tal-Belġju lill-President tal-Kunsill Ewropew, Charles Michel. Fl-istess ittra, il-firmatarji talbu wkoll li l-Kunsill jieħu pożizzjoni soda dwar il-Lvant Nofsani, anke biex l-Unjoni Ewropea tibqa’ kredibbli fuq livell internazzjonali u konsistenti ma’ pożizzjonijiet li ħadet dwar kunflitti oħra. 

Matul id-diskussjoni dwar is-sitwazzjoni fil-Lvant Nofsani, Dr Abela saħaq li ma jistax ikun li nibqgħu naċċettaw atroċitajiet fuq popli innoċenti. “Nemmen li s-sitwazzjoni fil-Lvant Nofsani kienet timmerita sinjal ċar mill-Kunsill. Għamilt dan l-appell lill-mexxejja u anke lill-presidenti tal-istituzzjonijiet Ewropej. Kif nistgħu nibqgħu naċċettaw il-qtil indiskriminat ta’ persuni innoċenti, u oħrajn jiġu mġiegħla jitilqu minn darhom stess? Diżappuntat li ma kienx hemm qbil li għandu jkun hemm konklużjonijiet li jixprunaw pressjoni internazzjonali dwar din is-sitwazzjoni. Stennejt li l-istituzzjonijiet Ewropej ikunu konsistenti ma’ pożizzjonijiet li ttieħdu fuq kunflitti oħra”, sostna l-Prim Ministru. Barra minn hekk, jeħtieġ li tiġi indirizzata b’mod immedjat is-sitwazzjoni umanitarja fl-istrixxa ta’ Gaza filwaqt li l-Riżoluzzjoni li mexxiet Malta fil-Kunsill tas-Sigurtà tan-Nazzjonijiet Magħquda tiġi implimentata, sostna l-Prim Ministru.

Fl-istess waqt li rrikonoxxa l-ħtieġa ta’ miżuri li jassiguraw is-sigurtà tal-Iżrael, il-Prim Ministru Robert Abela qal li jeħtieġ li nsaħħu l-Awtorità Palestinjana permezz ta’ għajnuna finanzjarja u politika biex din tkun tista’ tmexxi l-istrixxa ta’ Gaza u x-Xatt tal-Punent b’mod effettiv. Il-Prim Ministru wera wkoll it-tħassib tiegħu fuq is-sigurtà marittima kif ukoll dwar il-possibilità li dan il-kunflitt jeskala għal wieħed reġjonali b’effetti negattivi fuq il-pajjiżi ġirien. Fis-Summit tal-Kunsill Ewropew intlaħaq qbil ukoll bejn il-mexxejja tal-Istati Membri li jinfetħu n-negozjati bi tħejjija għas-sħubija tal-Ukrajna u l-Moldova fl-Unjoni Ewropea. Il-Prim Ministru Robert Abela ddeskriva din id-deċiżjoni bħala pass importanti fit-triq lejn riformi li se jqarrbu lil dawn il-pajjiżi lejn l-Unjoni Ewropea. Huwa tenna li Malta se tibqa’ tagħti s-sostenn tagħha lill-poplu Ukren permezz ta’ għajnuna umanitarja.

Dwar ir-reviżjoni tal-Qafas Multiannwali Finanzjarju tal-Unjoni Ewropea li fuqu ma ntlaħaqx qbil, il-Prim Ministru spjega l-pożizzjoni ta’ Malta li hemm bżonn ta’ pakkett ta’ inizjattivi li bihom jiġu ffinanzjati diversi prijoritajiet, mhux biss in-nefqa għall-għajnuna lill-Ukrajna. Hawn il-Prim Ministru saħaq dwar il-bżonn li d-dimensjoni Mediterranja ma tesperjenzax tnaqqis ta’ fondi fl-erba’ snin li ġejjin. Jeħtieġ li jkollna biżżejjed riżorsi biex ninvestu f’investimenti li bihom nibnu relazzjonijiet strateġiċi ma’ pajjiżi fin-naħa ta’ fuq tal-Afrika u biex insaħħu l-ġlieda kontra t-traffikanti tal-bnedmin, qal Dr Abela. Id-diskussjoni dwar din ir-reviżjoni se tkompli f’summit ieħor tal-Kunsill Ewropew f’Jannar li ġej, hekk kif f’din il-laqgħa ma ntlaħaqx qbil.


Fi Brussell, il-Prim Ministru Robert Abela attenda u indirizza summit bejn il-Mexxejja tal-Istati Membri tal-Unjoni Ewropea u tal-Balkani tal-Punent li matulu enfasizza dwar il-ħtieġa ta’ għaqda u solidarjetà bejn il-pajjiżi membri, fid-dawl tal-kuntest ġeo-politiku. Qal li mingħajr ebda dubju, il-futur tal-Balkani tal-Punent huwa fl-Unjoni Ewropea.

Fost it-temi diskussi matul dan is-summit kien hemm kif is-sħab tal-Balkani tal-Punent jistgħu jiġu integrati b’mod gradwali fl-Unjoni Ewropea u kif se jitnaqqas l-impatt li qed tħalli l-gwerra fl-Ukrajna fuq ir-reġjun.

Qal li sena wara li l-Mexxejja tal-Istati Membri u tal-Balkani tal-Punent iltaqgħu f’Tirana l-Albanija, fejn kien intlaħaq qbil dwar it-tnaqqis fit-tariffi tar-roaming bejn pajjiżi Ewropej u l-Balkani tal-Punent, issa huwa ż-żmien li nkomplu ninċentivaw ir-riformi meħtieġa biex dawn il-pajjiżi jkomplu t-tħejjijiet tagħhom biex fil-futur jissieħbu fl-Unjoni.

“Fiċ-ċentru ta’ dan kollu hemm in-nies, iċ-ċittadini Ewropej u dawk tal-Balkani tal-Punent, li għandhom bil-bosta x’jiggwadanjaw minn din l-integrazzjoni”, saħaq il-Prim Ministru Robert Abela. Fil-fatt, fi tmiem is-summit ġiet iffirmata dikjarazzjoni li permezz tagħha s-sitt pajjiżi tal-Balkani tal-Punent jintrabtu jimxu magħha. Id-dikjarazzjoni tara fost l-oħrajn li jkun hemm impenn politiku u strateġiku, pjan ta’ tkabbir li jwassal għall-integrazzjoni, kif ukoll Campus tal-Kulleġġ tal-Ewropa f’Tirana li jservi ta’ opportunità għal studenti Ewropej biex jistudjaw fil-Balkani tal-Punent.

Id-dikjarazzjoni hija l-bażi fuq xiex l-Unjoni Ewropea u l-Balkani tal-Punent jibnu l-politika tagħhom, immirata għal titjib fil-kwalità ta’ ħajjet il-popli.


L-anzjani tal-Marsa se jkunu qegħdin igawdu minn Ċentru ta’Matul il-Jum ġdid li ġie inawgurat mill-Prim Ministru Robert Abela flimkien mas-Sindku tal-Lokal Josef Azzopardi u l-kunsillieri. Bl-investiment f’dan iċ-Ċentru, ko-finanzjat minn fondi tan-Norveġja, bidel sala li ma kinitx qegħda tintuża biex issa ser tkun qiegħda tippromwovi anzjanità attiva.

Il-Prim Ministru Robert Abela sostna li ma hemmx komunitajiet b’saħħithom  jekk ma jkunux inklużivi u ma hemmx komunitajiet ġusti jekk ma jieħdux ħsieb il-ħtiġijiet ta’ kulħadd, u “huwa għal dan li rridu naħdmu aħna li ġejna mislufa l-fiduċja biex proprju ntejbu ħajjet in-nies.”

B’dan il-proġett mill-Kunsill Lokali tal-Marsa u oħrajn bħalu, fi kliem il-Prim Ministru Robert Abela, għandhom valur kbir għal dawk li ser jibbenefikaw minnu.

“Huwa proġett li jippromwovi wkoll l-anzjanità attiva li hija fiċ-ċentru tal-politika ta’ dan il-Gvern. Għalhekk qegħdin nifirxu proġetti bħal dan mal-pajjiż kollu, kif għamilna fl-aħħar ġimgħat bil-ftuħ ta’ ċentri ta’ dan it-tip fl-ibliet tal-Kottonera u huwa wkoll għalhekk li nżommu l-anzjani tagħha fiċ-ċentru tad-deċiżjonijiet li nieħdu. Fil-budget żidna l-pensjonijiet u l-għotja lill-anzjani li jibqgħu jgħixu fil-komunità. Għaliex anke finanzjarjament irridu ngħinu lill-anzjani jgħixu aħjar.”

Il-Prim Ministru żied jgħid li lill-anzjani, il-Gvern, irid ikompli jtaffilhom il-piżijiet fosthom b’aktar mediċini mogħtija mingħajr ħlas, u kura aqwa fil-komunità, flimkien ma’ komunitajiet iktar siguri. Irridu kullana ta’ servizzi biex l-anzjani tagħna jibqgħu jħossu, il-belt jew ir-raħal li għexu fihom, bħala d-dar tagħhom. Għaliex meta ngħidu li rridu komunitajiet sbieħ, siguri u bis-servizzi viċin tagħkom, huwa dak li nkunu qegħdin infissru.”

Il-Prim Ministru kkonkluda li l-anzjani sawru lil dan il-pajjiż u bnewh mix-xejn b’ħidmiethom u tenna l-impenn tal-Gvern li jkompli jibni fuq dak li għamlu, “imma nagħmlu dan magħkom għax dak li tistgħu tibqgħu tagħtuna intom, ma nistgħu nitilfuh qatt.”

Min-naħa tiegħu s-Sindku tal-Lokal Josef Azzopardi, rrefera għal dan il-proġett bħala ħolma li saret realtà għar-residenti Marsin hekk kif iċ-Ċentru ta’ Matul il-Jum ser ikun qiegħed jintuża wkoll, fost oħrajn, għal korsijiet edukattivi mhux biss għall-anzjani iżda wkoll għall-adulti u għat-tfal. 

“Bħala Kunsill Lokali, ser nibqgħu naħdmu mhux biss għall-anzjani iżda għall-Marsin kollha bi proġetti għal kulħadd, mit-tranġar ta’ postijiet pubbliċi, servizzi dejjem aktar qrib iċ-ċittadin u attivitajiet, fost oħrajn. Inħarsu ‘l quddiem għal ħafna aktar proġetti ambizzjużi u ta’ benefiċċju għar-resident Marsi.”


Il-Prim Ministru Robert Abela u martu Dr Lydia Abela se jkunu qed jilqgħu lill-pubbliku fil-Berġa ta’ Kastilja nhar l-Erbgħa 20 ta’ Diċembru bejn l-4:00pm u l-5:30pm, għall-awguri tal-festi tal-Milied u tas-Sena l-Ġdida.

Dan qed jitħabbar illum, fil-jum li wieħed jista’ jmur u jpoġġi rigal taħt is-siġra tal-Milied fi Pjazza Kastilja bħala parti mill-inizjattiva ‘Rigal bi Mħabba’. Ir-rigali taħt is-siġra tal-Milied fi Pjazza Kastilja se jkunu jistgħu jibqgħu jitpoġġew sal-21 ta’ Diċembru, fejn dakinhar jintlaħaq il-qofol bl-għeluq tar-raba’ edizzjoni ta’ ‘Rigal bi Mħabba’.

Dakinhar u lejliet, fl-20 ta’ Diċembru, jiġifieri dakinhar li l-Prim Ministru Robert Abela u martu Dr Lydia Abela se jilqgħu lill-pubbliku għall-awguri tal-festi, fi Pjazza Kastilja se jittella’ Villaġġ tal-Milied. Propju fl-20 ta’ Diċembru se jittella’ kunċert mill-banda tal-Forzi Armati ta’ Malta.

Kull min jixtieq jiltaqa’ mal-Prim Ministru u ma’ Dr Lydia Abela fl-20 ta’ Diċembru huwa mitlub jirreġistra d-dettalji tiegħu fuq 22002400/1.