Month: December 2022


Peace of mind that our country is moving in the right direction.

This is what we worked towards in the past twelve months.

And we will continue to guarantee this in the time to come.

This is an objective that we will work on and achieve together, united, as one.

What we wanted was that after the enormous challenge of the pandemic, families will not only be able to plan for the year ahead, but also for the future.

In a country where new opportunities are created for our children and our youths, and increased support is given to our pensioners and all those most in need.

In order to achieve these goals, our country has a renewed plan in place.

A plan chosen by you earlier this year in the most democratic process which is also robust and open. That is, the general election.

Your choice was not only about one political party or another, but about what future you want for our country.

You chose a work plan which consists of a thousand proposals aimed at building a beautiful future together.

Challenges are inevitable, but we have shown, time after time, that as a country we are able to address any given situation and transform challenges into opportunities.

Whilst we never tried to minimise the significance of what is happening beyond our shores, we never came to you and discouraged you.

Notwithstanding the global context which we find ourselves in, we continued taking decisions, locally, to encourage you further, because thanks to your hard work, we will continue moving forward together.

This year was very important as we earned the trust to return our country to full normality.

In fact, in recent weeks, we received one confirmation after another that showed how our country recovered quickly, and how our economic performance is amongst the very best.

Reports from international and independent institutions confirm that our economy is going strong, and this will enable us to support families by increasing the children’s allowance, senior citizens by increasing their pension, first-time buyers by introducing new grants, and the most vulnerable with tailor-made support for their specific needs.

We are using our economic growth to ensure that every person that lives in Malta will be able to live a better life, in a caring society, and a more beautiful country that offers the very best quality of life.

Therefore, I emphasise that our country’s economic success must go hand in hand with social progress and increased civil rights.

We will have a robust society if we continue in our reform plan to increase justice.

Because quality of life is not just about better financial income.

2023 needs to be the year in which we will continue implementing strong social changes that build on what we have already achieved in recent years.

I believe that the time has come for our society to send a stronger message on the safeguarding of women’s rights.

Now that we have the largest female representation at the decision-making level, it is crucial that we make even bigger strides in protecting women’s rights.

I always believed, that having so many women entering the workforce would serve as the basis for them to have more freedom in other areas.

Regrettably, however, we were becoming increasingly more aware of the many realities of women that suffer in silence, just because they are women.

And although some might say that there will always be situations where the system would appear to have failed, we would be mistaken if we don’t do what we can so that every girl in this country has peace of mind that this society is here to protect her.

Where rights will not just be on paper, but there will also be the will and the resources for them to be upheld.

When we discuss equality and take a strong position against domestic violence, when we insist that every woman’s life is safeguarded, together with her health, we are actually talking about the quality of life of your daughter, your mother or your sister.

These are not just theories: these are real life experiences of those closest to us in our everyday lives.

Unfortunately, negative experiences have once again occurred that upset me personally, both as a father and as a politician.

No reform receives full agreement. And we never made changes that were not followed by a discussion. I say – that’s how it should be.

Because it is as a result of this same discussion that the right choices are taken.

As one country which is united, without any negative words that harm or separate us.

There is one choice that must not be considered: that is, to accept the status quo or ignore the realities as though they don’t even exist.

Because when we choose to be scared of change, by using the excuse that the majority of the population is comfortable as is, we will be ignoring all those who have been suffering, and slowly, slowly are losing hope.

And this is something that we should not accept.

In parallel, we must not accept the status quo in the environmental sector.

This year, we outlined our new priorities.

We took a decision within the first 100 days of the new Government to protect a large plot of ODZ land in Żonqor, saw that Ħondoq is safeguarded, and transformed other spaces into projects to be enjoyed by families.

Does this mean we have done enough? Of course not.

This is why in the coming months we will speed up our efforts to strengthen our foundations, and ready ourselves for even more ambitious projects.

I am convinced that we will succeed because I have faith in our country.

And it’s not just us that have faith in our own country. Other countries have faith in us as well.

We are going to start serving on the United Nations Security Council.

We will also be hosting, next year, a Summit that brings together all the southern member states of the European Union.

We were given the seal of approval from FATF for the reforms we implemented.

These are all strong indicators of how our country is heading in the right direction.

And these positive indicators will see us into the new year with optimism and enthusiasm.

Above all, with peace of mind that Gozo and Malta have a beautiful future ahead, in which together, we ensure a better quality of life.

On my behalf, on that of my wife Lydia and Giorgia Mae, and on that of the Government, I wish you all a splendid year ahead.


Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI became linked to Malta after canonizing Ġorġ Preca in 2007, the first Maltese to receive sainthood.

Pope Benedict XVI visited Malta in April 2010, and thereafter expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome he received from the people in Malta and Gozo.

Prime Minister Robert Abela remembers fondly his own meeting with Pope Benedict XVI during his apostolic visit to Malta, and also remembers the important meetings held during this same visit, including with Maltese youths.

The Government of Malta remembers the memory of Pope Benedict XVI and sends its heartfelt condolences to the Vatican State.


Fl-aħħar laqgħa tal-Kunsill Ewropew għal din is-sena, il-mexxejja Ewropej iddiskutew bosta temi importanti fosthom l-enerġija, is-sitwazzjoni ekonomika tal-Unjoni Ewropea u r-relazzjonijiet transatlantiċi.

Fid-diskussjoni dwar l-enerġija, il-mexxejja Ewropej inkarigaw lill-ministri għall-enerġija biex jibnu fuq il-progress miksub sa issa u jikkonkludu l-ftehim dwar il-mekkaniżmu korrettiv tas-suq (price correction mechanism). Dan il-mekkaniżmu għandu jipproteġi lill-Unjoni Ewropea minn żidiet fil-prezzijiet tal-gass bil-għan li jiġu salvagwardati l-konsumaturi.

Għal din il-laqgħa fi Brussell, attenda l-Prim Ministru Robert Abela li rrimarka li dawn l-inizjattivi pożittivi huma ċertifikat għall-politika li ħaddem il-Gvern Malti, li fl-isfond taż-żidiet fil-prezzijiet tal-enerġija, qed jipproteġi lill-familji u lin-negozji; miżuri li riżultat tagħhom l-ekonomija Maltija baqgħet ukoll tikber u l-inflazzjoni baqgħet taħt kontroll.

Wara li l-President Biden ħabbar l-adozzjoni tal-IRA (Inflation Reduction Act), il-Kunsill Ewropew iddiskuta wkoll ir-relazzjonijiet transatlantiċi u s-sitwazzjoni ekonomika fl-Unjoni Ewropea. Il-mexxejja qablu li l-Istati Uniti se tibqa’ sieħeb ewlieni għall-Unjoni Ewropea, madanakollu, il-protezzjoni tal-industrija Ewropea tibqa’ kruċjali għall-kompetittività tal-UE, l-awtonomija strateġika tagħna u anke biex ikollna aktar tkabbir ekonomiku.

Fuq dan il-punt fl-aġenda, il-Prim Ministru Robert Abela rrimarka li kif għamilna fuq livell lokali, l-Unjoni Ewropea ukoll qed tirrikonoxxi li l-industrija teħtieġ l-inċentivi u għajnuniet biex l-ekonomija tkompli tikber u tkun kompetittiva. Dan b’mod partikolari b’aktar flessibbiltà fir-regolamenti marbuta mal-għajnuna finanzjata mill-istat li se twassal biex inkomplu nassistu l-industrija kif meħtieġ. Dan kif għamel il-Gvern Malti fejn jidħlu l-qmuħ u ċ-ċereali, is-settur tal-enerġija rinnovabbli, l-assistenza lill-Ajruport Internazzjoni tal-Malta, il-wage supplement u kif qed isir ukoll f’setturi oħra.

Id-diskussjoni dwar il-gwerra fl-Ukrajna, is-sigurtà u d-difiża kompliet bi skambju mal-President tal-Ukrajna Volodymyr Zelensky, wara diskussjoni dwar id-disa’ pakkett ta’ sanzjonijiet. Żieda fl-assistenza taħt il-Faċilità Ewropea għall-Paċi u sapport bilaterali ġew proposti fid-dawl tal-aħħar żviluppi fl-Ukrajna.

Il-mexxejja Ewropej iddiskutew is-sitwazzjoni fil-Viċinat tan-Nofsinhar. Il-Prim Ministru Robert Abela rrimarka li dan huwa reġjun li jippreżenta opportunitajiet li għadhom ma ġewx sfruttati fosthom fejn jidħol kummerċ, it-tranżizzjoni diġitali, l-edukazzjoni, l-akwakultura u l-agrikoltura. Għalhekk, kollaborazzjoni ma’ dan ir-reġjun u mal-imsieħba tan-Nofsinhar jeħtieġ li tiżdied biex jiġu indirizzati sfidi komuni bħalma hi t-tibdil fil-klima. Fl-isfond ta’ dan, Malta laqgħet is-sejħa għal laqgħa, is-sena d-dieħla, mal-imsieħba tan-Nofsinhar.

Matul il-jum tal-Erbgħa l-Prim Ministru attenda għal summit mal-mexxejja tax-Xlokk tal-Asja (ASEAN). F’dan is-summit, il-Prim Ministru sostna li filwaqt li r-relazzjonijiet transatlantiċi u ċ-Ċina, huma importanti, irridu ninvestu ma’ sħab strateġiċi oħra. Għalhekk, pajjiżi bħal dawk tal-ASEAN u oħrajn lil hinn, inkluż fil-kontinent Afrikan, se jkunu kruċjali biex inkunu awtonomi strateġikament, għall-fini ta’ kompetittività u tkabbir ekonomiku. Hemm oqsma, bħal dawk diġitali, ta’ innovazzjoni, il-konnettività u oħrajn li ma’ dawn il-pajjiżi nistgħu nagħmlu alleanzi strateġiċi. F’dan ir-rigward, Dr Abela saħaq li l-kummerċ jibqa’ importanti ħafna u Malta se tibqa’ miftuħa u kommessa li taħdem favur ftehimiet f’dan il-qasam. ​


Il-Prim Ministru Robert Abela u martu Dr Lydia Abela se jkunu qed jilqgħu lill-pubbliku fil-Berġa ta’ Kastilja nhar is-Sibt 17 ta’ Diċembru bejn l-4:30pm u s-6:00pm, biex jawguraw lil xulxin fl-okkażjoni tal-Milied u s-Sena l-Ġdida.

Kull min jixtieq jiltaqa’ mal-Prim Ministru u ma’ Dr Lydia Abela qed jintalab iċempel fuq 22002400/1 biex iħalli d-dettalji tiegħu.

Waqt li jkun fil-Berġa ta’ Kastilja, il-pubbliku se jkun jista’ jara s-swali tal-Kabinett u tal-Ambaxxaturi u kull min jixtieq, se jkun jista’ wkoll jiffirma l-ktieb tal-viżitaturi.


Disa’ mexxejja Ewropej se jiltaqgħu f’Malta

Fi tmiem summit tal-MED 9, li jlaqqa’ pajjiżi tan-naħa ta’ isfel tal-Unjoni Ewropea, tħabbar li s-summit li jmiss ta’ dawn il-pajjiżi se jkun qed isir f’Malta s-sena d-dieħla.

Fi Spanja, il-Prim Ministru Robert Abela qal li se jkun unur għal Malta li tospita dan is-summit proprju fl-għaxar sena tiegħu. “Inħares ’il quddiem biex nilqagħkom f’Malta biex inkomplu dan id-djalogu,” qal il-prim ministru f’konferenza tal-aħbarijiet flimkien mal-mexxejja tat-tmien pajjiżi l-oħra. Dawn il-pajjiżi huma Franza, Spanja, l-Italja, il-Portugall, il-Kroazja, Ċipru, il-Greċja u s-Slovenja.

“Huwa s-suċċess tal-koperazzjoni tagħna li jwassal biex nibqgħu nsibu s-soluzzjonijiet,” kompla jgħid il-Prim Ministru Abela.

L-enerġija u l-ekonomija kienu fost it-temi għad-diskussjoni bejn il-mexxejja ta’ dawn il-pajjiżi. Dan tul żewġ sessjonijiet li saru matul il-jum tal-Ġimgħa.

“Iċ-ċittadini u n-negozji tagħna jixirqilhom soluzzjoni għat-tul u soluzzjonijiet robusti,” insista l-Prim Ministru Robert Abela meta tkellem dwar is-settur tal-enerġija u qal li dan hu l-messaġġ ċar li għandu anke jintbagħat lill-Kummissjoni Ewropea. Hawn kien enfasizzat ukoll il-bżonn tal-konnettività fin-networks Ewropej, fosthom permezz ta’ infrastruttura tal-futur bħal dik hydrogen ready. “Li nħaffu l-investiment fl-enerġija rinnovabbli huwa wkoll kruċjali biex innaqqsu d-dipendenza minn fuq sorsi tal-enerġija li jiġu minn barra l-Unjoni Ewropea,” kompla jispjega l-prim ministru li enfasizza kif fl-immedjat il-konsumatur irid jibqa’ jkun megħjun. Malta hija waħda mill-aqwa eżempji ta’ din l-għajnuna u għalhekk illum pajjiżna għandu fost l-inqas rati ta’ inflazzjoni fl-Unjoni Ewropea.

Għal darba oħra, il-Prim Ministru Abela reġa’ enfasizza l-ħtieġa ta’ paċi u stabbiltà fil-Mediterran u semma li dan jista’ jinkiseb billi kulħadd jaħdem flimkien f’oqsma ta’ interess komuni bħall-bidla fil-klima, l-enerġija, il-paċi, is-sigurtà u l-immigrazzjoni. B’rabta mal-immigrazzjoni, il-prim ministru reġa’ enfasizza fuq politika li tħarbat il-mudell ta’ traffikanti tal-bnedmin għax dawn huma gruppi kriminali li japprofittaw mill-vulnerabilità tal-immigranti. Hawn reġa’ insista għall-appoġġ lill-poplu Libjan.

Intant, meta rrefera għall-irwol li se tieħu Malta fil-Kunsill tas-Sigurtà tan-Nazzjonijiet Magħquda, il-Prim Ministru Robert Abela qal li Malta hawn se taħdem għall-ġid komuni u rrefera għal oqsma importanti bħall-bidla fil-klima.